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2014 Clothing Swap: Friends & Community Outreach

Hello WordPress. Bloggers,

Last Saturday, my friend/ fellow dancer hosted a “Clothing Swap.” I’ve never been to one before,  and since many people keep asking, I decided I should share the experience.

1. Everybody brings their clothing/shoes/etc. before set date; For the host/hostess to organize/setup

2. For every (laundered) item brought, you receive a (shopping) ticket

3. We shop/take home the number items that match our ticket; How much we contributed to event

4. The clothing items left over; Contribute to a local charity

In our case, we chose to contribute/support a local women’s shelter.

Afterwards, I read other blogs, I believe helped shape this event,  including Oprah’s “13 rules for a successful clothing swap.”

We ended up donating/contributing approx. 100 items of clothing, scarves, shoes, etc. to a local organization that supports other members in our community. I believe this made our swap different, brought a sense of positive community outreach.

The Clothing Swap was fun! An excellent $saving gathering for you and your friends, while encouraging one another to organize closets, homes to start a fresh new year 2014.

The food was great, the company was wonderful, and the clothing received was a great perk.  To know that other members of our community will (unknowingly) also be a part of this exchange, was the icing on top of a great night.

What are your friendship/community sharing experiences? Please share.

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