Photo cred: Eventbrite 2014

2014 Clothing Swap: Friends & Closet Clearance

Hello WordPress. Bloggers,

Last Saturday, my friend/ fellow zumba fan hosted a “Clothing Swap Party.” I’ve never been to one before,  and since many people keep asking, I decided to share the experience.

1. Everybody cleans out closet, brings clothing/shoes not wanted to host’s house before party date

2. Everybody receives shopping tickets to match the amount of items brought

3. Using shopping tickets, shop/take home the any item of choice

4. Clothing items left over, contribute them to a local charity of choice

The Clothing Swap was so much fun for all of us. One of my favourites was getting an amazing new French Trench coat (for FREE)!

We cleared a lot from our closets, and had lots left over. We donated approx. 100 items of clothing, scarves, shoes, etc. to a local charity. This definitely motivated us to do more closet organizing, save money, and think of our community .

Definitely we will be doing this again soon:)

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